About our company


Aydinlik Co., Ltd.
It was established in 2020 and registered in Türkiye.

Our aim is to be a platform for supplying all perfect products and engineering services to worldwide clients. We have professional and high quality teams and partners to make all the projects in good condition.
During these years, we had supplied products from all around the world to our customers. Our partners have many years of working experiences in their industries. Our goal is to help international customers choose what they really
need, and offer them with the best service. We have strong business ties with major manufacturers and service companies. “Be professional, Think better, and Act faster” has
been deeply rooted in every single employee’s mind. We believe that we could maximize our clients’ satisfaction more than they could expect.
Main Business Scope: provide a wide range of materials and equipment, chemicals and petrochemicals, spare parts for industrial equipment, etc.

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Micronized calcium carbonate
It is obtained from micronization and disinfection
of calcium carbonate, and it is supplied in three
main categories: heavy (HCP), light (LCP), ultralight
(SCP) with 50 to 3500 mesh and 4 layer sanitary
composite packaging. becomes Among the uses
of this product, are as follow:
• Flour • Cake powder • Backing powder
• Food Enhancer • Emulation • Supplements
• Baby food • Dairy products • Ice cream
• Jam • Snack • Pharmaceutical industry
• Soap • Toothpaste • Cosmetics • Melamine
• disposable containers • Coal

Food-grade nano calcium carbonate
It is a special product that is produced by using the latest
technologies in nano and disinfected in order to respond
the needs of specialized use cases. Among the uses of
this product, we can mention its use in the pharmaceutical